As you go on your journey of building your big, beautiful business, I would love to walk hand-in hand with you along the way. I have programs to meet all different levels of investment and support needs covering everything from easy breezy strategy to powerful energetics.

How We Can Work Together


Whether you are scaling to your first six-figures (I did it in 8 months!) or you are a seasoned coach or OSP scaling to your multi-six figure empire, I've got your back. I believe in finding a trusted mentor who has done what you want to do, the way you want to do it. This will collapse time for you around meeting your goals, and doing it all with grace and ease. Plugging into mentorship has been the #1 thing that has grown my business.

I believe in seeking out mentorship at every level of your business journey. Of course you could do it alone, but why would you want to?


+ Over 25 recorded trainings and modules
+ Access to my entire business resource library (this is so juicy)
+ Weekly step-by-step action checklist
+ Topics ranging from content, to sales, to launching, to business model + money mindset
+ Access to private members-only facebook support community

The Accelerate Method is my signature program, I call this one my business in a nutshell. This is every single piece of strategy + energy + mindset that got me to my first six-figures in eight months. For new and emerging online coaches and online service providers ready to scale to $10k months and beyond.

The Accelerate Method

Master the energetics of receiving more money + clients

Build recurring monthly revenue to stack your income

Learn to use IG to make consistent sales to dream clients

Finally nail down your aligned, profitable business model


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+ Three- four recorded trainings per week for four weeks
+ weekly journaling exercises, meditations, and guided visualizations 
+ Lifetime access to material
+ Access to private members-only facebook support community
+ Topics ranging from money mindset, to personal power, to boundaries and scaling

A month long, self-paced energetic mastery program. Everything from money mindset to business energetics to manifestation. When you're ready to go beyond strategy.

The Uplevel

"If you are ready to take yourself and your business seriously, jump in on the opportunity to work with Katy. She will hold space for you, encourage you, and back you on days you cannot yourself."

"I honestly believe Katy has expedited my business growth by an entire year. I wouldn't be where I am without her."

10x her income


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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

tripled his revenue



+ Monday-Friday group voxer access (capped at 10 people max)
+ Two 60-minute Mastermind group calls per month
+ Access to every program in my entire product suite
+ Personal audits of all content, sales strategy, launch plans etc.
+ Sisterhood, expansion, and growth like no other container can provide

A six-month, high-level, close-proximity mastermind experience like no other. This mastermind is focused on scaling your business in a sustainable way to step into your next level of income, impact, and freedom. For coaches ready to scale into multiple-six figures, no matter where you are now.

The Elevate Mastermind

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+ Private coaching containers vary widely in terms of the level of support, type of support (voxer-only vs. calls) as well as what is included. Clients are chosen based on current availability and which container would be the best fit for YOU. Please fill out an application below. 

Multiple private coaching containers designed to meet a wide range of needs, for the woman who desires high-level, completely personalized and private support. Private coaching offerings range in investment level and support level  For coaches scaling to six-and multi-six figures. 

Private Coaching



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In this free masterclass I am breaking down exactly how I have made half a million dollars in sales this year alone. I also threw in a bonus canva template to get you started today!

Free Masterclass: Six-Figure Stories