Get ready for the six-figure business of your dreams


This program is for the new or emerging business owner ready to build all of the steadfast foundations of a profitable and sustainable six-figure business.  This is every single thing I did to go from $0-$100k in less than eight months working 4-5 hours a day with grace, ease, and simplicity.


Imagine what it would be like...

Sounds amazing, right? It's my reality, and if i can do it you sure as hell can too

Even better than that, you are calm, confident, and you own the woman you have the become. The CEO within you has been unleashed. You have a clear, simple plan in place that is taking you to your first six-figures, you know exactly what to do every day to move the needle. You navigate it all with grace and ease.

You wake up everyday knowing exactly what to do to grow your business, your bank account is full, and dream clients are knocking down your door.

You will learn


Every single piece of strategy you need everyday to actually move the needle in your business. Everything from content to audience growth to sales.

How to make more money

You will learn to craft a wildly profitable signature offer or program. Then, all of the money mindset needed to actually receive.

To embody your next level self

What got you here won't get you there. Inside Accelerate I take you through all the energetic upgrades and mindset shifts to become the six-figure version fo you.


Are you a soulful and conscious business owner ready build a business and life better than your wildest dreams?

You know you were made for amazing things, that your business could go from barely getting by to thriving, growing, and in flow with all of the beautiful things that make you who you are, but you just need a clear roadmap?

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

You desire a simple, and profitable business without the bs

You want a mentor who has done it, and done it quickly

You feel stuck and crave support to create business success

this program will change your life

I started my business in January of 2021 and hit multiple six-figures in December of 2021 using the tried and true, simple as can be strategies I teach you inside this program.

You are in control of your one and only life, and only you can change your reality. What got you here, won't get you there. The moment you invest in yourself, you are stepping into a new frequency that tells the universe, "let's go."

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It's time to step up into the role of CEO and stop waiting around for it to happen for you.


This is for you if:

You know you are ready for a big beautiful business but you need support

You are ready to begin creating content that magnetizes your dream clients

You want to grow a ready-to-buy community on instagram

You want to create beautiful and profitable programs and offers

You need a clear roadmap for profitable launches

You need a solid business plan to get you to your first six-figures

You desire a soulful sales strategy that doesn't feel sleazy or icky

You crave juicy energetic upgrades and mindset shifts, not just strategy

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Wait what exactly is in this program?

I don't do boring and I don't do fluff. If I included it in the program it is because it is crucial in creating the foundations of a six-figure business.

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

Mindset + energetics

If you know me, you know I always say, " energetics first, strategy second." The mindset and energetic shifts you will learn in this program will literally rewire your brain to become the six-figure version of yourself. The woman who receives with ease, and stands in her power.


module 1

Reclaiming your own personal power to 10x your income

Being seen as an industry leader and what that means

Rewriting old money beliefs and creating new stories

Stepping out of imposter syndrome and comparison

Ideal client + Niche

Getting clarity on who you serve, how you serve them, and the way to market to them is absolutely crucial in business success. This informs everything you do in your business, this week we will tackle it all. 


module 2

How to identify who you can powerfully serve

Attracting ready to buy clients from the beginning

Niching down without feeling boxed in

How to create soulful brand messaging that sells

Signature offer creation

This is where we begin to craft your signature offer. We will go through creating a simple, results-driven offer that will allow you to launch, and begin making money ASAP with all the foundational pieces in place.


module 3

What is your business framework and how to work with it

How to create a powerful offer that actually sells

All the systems and tech needed for an offer or program

How your signature offer fits into a larger ascension model

Content + Marketing

High-converting content doesn't come from throwing spaghetti at the wall and crossing your fingers that it will work, it also doesn't come from, "just showing up authentically." In this module, I walk you through the five types of content that will actually make you money and how to use them in your marketing.


module 4

How to create profitable instagram content

How to sell on instagram stories

Different marketing styles to use at different stages

Content to attract empowered clients even if you're brand new

Instagram growth

Growing an aligned, ready-to-buy community on instagram can seem impossible when you are new to the game. However, a profitable business doesn't require a HUGE audience, it just requires the right people, and continual growth. 


module 5

Daily tasks to grow your instagram

Working with new instagram trends to grow sustainably

How to grow an aligned community quickly

Exactly how I handle running my business on Instagram


In this module we will tackle your launch strategy, and you are going to love it. This simple framework has led both me and my clients to five and multiple five-figure launches ( hint: it's what I used to have a $10k launch my first month in business!)


module 6

Waitlist strategy and how to implement it

Using a content event to kick off your launch

How to market and sell during your launch

Post-launch data feedback collection

Sales Strategy

This week we will cover soulful sales strategy. One of the biggest roadblocks new entrepreneurs face is sales. They don't show up and sell enough because they don't have the aligned (non-sleazy) strategy that allows sales to feel like an act of service. 


module 7

Selling on Instagram stories

Buyer psychology based sales messaging

Sales mindset and energetic upgrades

Sales call and DM sales flow


This week we will dive into your business model and ascension model as a whole, and we will begin planning out your next six to twelve months in business, what to launch, how to launch it, and how to hit your profit goals. 


module 8

Live launch vs. rolling enrollment offers

How to set-up your months for success

Long-term expansion and business growth

How to scale without burning out

Wait there is more!


Access to my personal resource library

This includes my signature sales flow, content calendar system, launch plan spreadsheet, ascension model organizer, and business plan creator

High vibe facebook community

An incredible place for you to connect with your Accelerate Method family. Use this space to ask questions and gain support from your peers. This is also a perfect place to set up collaborations and network with each other. 

Bonus mindset
and energetic trainings

I have gathered all of my best mindset, energetics, and money trainings and compiled into a library just for my Accelerate babes.


because you're dying to know...

What's inside this resource library?

My Instagram growth spreadsheet system to 10x your visibility 

My high-converting content calendar template (aka exactly how I create my content!)

20 proven IG sales story prompts to sell out your next offer and never have to wonder what to say

My "framework guide" to teach you exactly how I create my entire ascension model of offers

Pitch outlines to show you exactly how to nail collaborations, podcast guesting, etc. 

My high-converting sales page template and sales page, "musts."

The exact sales flow that I use to close 90% of my sales conversations, guaranteed sleaze-free

A detailed breakdown of my entire launch sequence from start to finish that you can steal


Basically, I am giving you every single resource you could possibly need (and nothing you don't!) to get you on your way to $100k

"Katy is an absolute rare find, evidently caring deeply about her clients' progression and over delivering at every single touchpoint of her client care. From the moment I signed up to work with her, she not only provided high value packed resources covering everything from mindset shifts, business strategy and systems tailored to my individual needs, but gave me an extremely high benchmark of service and organization I will hold any future mentors to and also conduct my own business from."

I would 100% recommend working with Katy to others. She has been an absolute joy to work with and you would be hard pressed to find a coach as strongly equipped as her to take you to the next level of your business growth. From my perspective, working with Katy is a no brainer and well worth the investment. Think of it this way, what is it worth to you to have an entire year (perhaps more) of your business growth accelerated? Not to sound like a Mastercard commercial, but to me, that is priceless. 

"If you are ready to take yourself and your business seriously, jump in on the opportunity to work with Katy. She will hold space for you, encourage you, and back you on days you cannot yourself. She will handle your business with diligence, a strong work ethic, a high flare of professionalism, and personalized strategic insight. "

Kind words

I am so ready for this

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Over 20 recorded training modules inside the curriculum

Access to my personal  resource library

A weekly action-step checklist for best results

sisterhood + community inside the exclusive FB group

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Payment Plan


Over 20 recorded training modules inside the curriculum

Access to my personal resource library

A weekly action-step checklist for best results

sisterhood + community inside the FB group

Payment Plan


11 x $222


Yes! This program includes every single thing I did to go from literally a brand new business making $0 to hitting my first six-figures. However, this program does not include support in deciding on a business idea. If you don't have an idea yet, I would suggest an intensive. 

Perfect! I have lots of ways to work with me 1:1 or small group mastermind style (one of which is designed especially for TAM folks craving extra support!) send me a DM on instagram to chat options at any time

Most people who go through this program experience amazing transformational results ( I have never had a refund request or complaint!) However, your results are up to you. I am only available for clients who are committed to growth, learning, implementation and leading themselves powerfully into their own six-figure business. Your results are completely up to you. 

If you feel you already have the foundations of a profitable, sustainable business down, you have a consistent stream of clients, and you are already making money, my mastermind would be a better fit for you. Simply DM me to chat.

No. This program was designed to support coaches of all kind as well as online based service providers. This could include graphic designers, course creators, social media managers, etc...

Almost there!

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