proof of possibility is all around

If I can do it so can you

I never take credit for my clients results, they create their own

But here's the thing, that magic you have inside of you...that vision, that sparkle, that gift that is going to change the lives of your clients and completely re-write your own need support in unlocking it. 

That is the remarkable thing about aligned mentorship, the results start coming at hyper-speed. Your business booms, the money flows, the clients have incredible experiences with was all in you all along, you just need the right support. 

"It may sound hyperbolic to say that Katy completely changed my life. Like, how can one person and one course change your whole trajectory?"

"But there's magic in her programs, and there's magic in Katy. Working with her has not only given me the strategic roadmap that I needed to start and build a business, but it has also forced me to do the inner work to become the business owner, wife, mother, and woman that I want to be. Katy cares so deeply about her clients, and her guidance has been transformational inside and out. If I can affect one client the way Katy has affected me - it will all be worth it. "

- shannon

The results

clients in my world have...

replaced their 9-5 income within 4 weeks of working together

Hit their highest income months, and had their biggest launches to date

Tripled their income within three months of starting private coaching

fell back in love with their business, their offers, and their programs

Stepped into new paradigms around leadership, money, and power

you can, too


"I would 100% recommend working with Katy to others. She has been an absolute joy to work with and you would be hard pressed to find a coach as strongly equipped as her to take you to the next level of your business growth.

“My business is forever changed. When you to get to work with Katy and be in her universe, you are forever changed. Katy just has this essence and way of expanding others. She pushes you past, “good enough.” It’s magical and incredible. I freaking love you Katy, thank you for everything.”

"Being able to hire her as my coach has been hands down my best investment"

Leandra had her first $200k year

This could be you....

"I tripled my income in the first three months working together. Katy's integrity is unmatched. She is an incredible human being and exactly the kind of woman you want to be close to if you are building a soul-led business with heart and strategy."

"Katy helped me give myself permission to be paid for the work I do and the spaces I hold"

Jacs tripled her income

"After one month of working with Katy and implementing her strategies I hit my first $10k goal! I trust her so much that I extended my commitment to be in her mastermind, and I'm so glad I did. Working with Katy has been not only what my business needed, but what I needed. Katy's ability to guide and speak to the specific thing I need to hear is a gift."

"After one month together I hit my first $10k month"

Pilar hit her goal in one month


"In March 2022, I hired Katy for 6 months of 1:1 and well before our contract was completed, I committed to a year of  1:1 with her, and I do not see myself ending my time with her any time soon"

"I feel so held, seen, and activated to rise in my work with Katy. I have owned my BIG vision to her, you know the ONE you are terrified to tell someone because they might think "who the F does she think she is?" Well, my BIG vision is ALL that energy and more, and Katy holds it beautifully with me every single day.Strategy, energetics, and a partner to walk through life with as you create your VISION for your life, she has it all and makes this journey of entrepreneurship feel easeful. Join her world, TODAY!"

- Yarrow


Let's make some magic

I have always believed that if I can do it, my clients can do it, then you can do it too. That dream thats on your heart? it was put there for a reason, it wasn't given to you by accident, let's make it happen. 

work with me


“ I had my biggest sales month ever, my team had our biggest month ever and it all felt EFFORTLESS. I did what felt good and not what I felt I HAD to do. I know this was because of Katy’s guidance. Thank you Katy for putting yourself out there for us.”

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