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The Experience. For the woman who is all in.

The Experience is my high-level all access pass to every single paid program, offer, and masterclass in my body of work, for an entire year. This is for the woman going to $100k sales months (doesn't matter where you're starting) who wants the full roadmap to do it with ease.

So what's inside?

Sounds amazing, right? It's my reality, and if i can do it you sure as hell can too

Even better than that, you are calm, confident, and you own the woman you have the become. You are working 20 hours a week (yes, I do it!) and you know EXACTLY what you need to do to show up everyday to bring in more income month over month. You navigate it all with grace and ease.

This includes all of the most powerful and potent strategies to scale into your own $100k sales months, and all of the energetic work to become HER.

Let's start with the basics

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The Experience is a year-long commitment where you will get every program and course in my world...


A private 1:1 kick-off call, two monthly group calls with Katy, monthly behind the scenes training where I cover exactly what I'm selling, how I'm selling it, how I am creating content that calls in these numbers, what is and isn't working etc. This is a peek inside my brain and it is invaluable. 


Access to my telegram broadcast that is for The Experience, Private and Mastermind clients only. You can drop questions for laser coaching or riff requests and I drop in daily with million dollar coaching that will shift things for you instantly.

Note: The above Experience Walkthrough video does not mention the private 1:1 kick off call or the bi-weekly group calls included with The Experience as they were added recently, but you do get those, and you should watch the video, I promise.

How it works


EVERY SINGLE program in my product suite for an entire year, this is all the strategy I and my clients use daily. Including my $100k month sales strategy, my high-converting content formula and so much more.

Then tap in

Tap into the private coaching call, bi-weekly support calls and monthly bts training with me to see EXACTLY what I am selling, how I am selling it, what's working and what's not. This is worth it's weight in gold.

Daily support

Then you get daily support through your telegram community broadcast. I provide laser coaching and riff requests based off what you drop in the thread. This is invaluable. 


Tired of the grind and hustle

Maybe you're already making incredible money, but you KNOW there has to be an easier way. No complicated sales funnels or ads required. 

OVERWHELMED BY 10,000 voices...

You've taken lots of programs with lots of people, and all of the conflicting opinions has you feeling more lost than ever. You need one trusted voice. 

Like it could all fall apart

Maybe you have some incredible things in place, but, nothing feels permanent or steadfast, and you think every month, "this could be the month it falls apart..."

The results


Learn everything you need to scale to $100k sales months

Start working 20 hour weeks so you can actually live your damn life

Create offers that have people immediately buying with ease

become the woman who can hold new levels of wealth, clients, and success

master the art of content and sales to2x or even 3x your current income


let's deep dive

Three years ago, I was a teacher, constantly tired and always broke.

In my teaching career (that I was in for almost a decade!) I had basically capped out my income at $40k a year.  We were in the middle of a global pandemic, I had a new baby at home, and knew there had to be a better way. 

Flash forward to now, I am hitting $100k sales months, I have retired my husband, I work 20 hours a week and live part time in Paris. I am here to show you how. 

- Shannon

"It may sound hyperbolic to say that Katy changed my entire life. How can one coach and one course change your entire trajectory? But it's true"

What exactly are all the programs?

I don't do boring and I don't do fluff. If I included it in the line-up it is because it is crucial in creating the foundations of your million dollar business. 

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

My signature intensive program to build solid foundations. This is everything you need to know, to finally nail down the daily actions to bring in cash. $2222 value. Immediate access-please start here.

The Accelerate Method

My energetics, manifestation, and law of attraction course. If you are after the, "OMG I didn't even know I could make that much money, or feel this much ease, or LOVE my business this much," type of reality, you're going to need more than strategy. You are going to need to change who you are BEING. This requires massive energetic uplevels. Valued at $1111. Immediate Access.

The Uplevel

A power-packed mini course that takes you through the exact process of hitting high income months with a small (but mighty) instagram following. No more, "but my following isn't big enough," excuses. I hit $100k sales months with less than 2k followers.  Valued at $333 Immediate Access.

Small But Mighty

The mini-course specifically designed for the woman craving more money in less time. If you have been force fed all the complicated strategies by gurus in the industry, and you're feeling like it's all a little..icky. This will be your palette cleanser. The art of multi-six figures in 20 hours a week, broken down with grace and simplicity. Valued at $333. Immediate Access.


A deep dive intensive course that you will walk away from having mastered the art of not just creating content, or batching content (honestly yuck) but creating content that makes you money. When done right, your content should be doing 80% of the work in your sales process.  Priced at $1111. Immediate Access.

High-Converting Content

The course that has been missing from the industry. Inside the teacher you won't learn how to get more clients, or how to market yourself, or grow on instagram, but you will be completely transformed into a coach who is doing a damn good job at coaching her clients. The Teacher is the program where you will learn how to operate a business that actually facilitates results for your clients and keeps them coming back again and again. Priced at $333. Immediate Access. 

The Teacher

I teach, view, and make sales differently. If your sales process doesn't feel easy, and grounded, and like, "omg I never knew I could sign so many clients so fast..." then this is for you. No cheesy DM scripts, no pushy sales calls, no complicated launches, just stacking monthly revenue from all the dream clients hopping in everyday. Priced at $1111. Immediate Access.

Soulful Sales

For the woman tired of playing it small, and getting small results in return. For the woman tired of being ghosted by potential clients. Tired of the income plateaus. Tired of the rules, and and the confines. She is ready to become that girl. The one who is fearless, the one who speaks her truth, lives out her gifts, and magnetizes dream clients and massive amounts of money like it's her job, because it is. Valued at $333. Immediate Access.

Seen and Paid

Inside The Offer Lab you will learn to create products, courses, and programs that people actually want to buy. I often get stripe notifications for courses I am not even selling, because someone went back months and months in their emails and dug around for the link. If people don't want what you're selling that badly, this is for you. Inside TOL we will also examine your product suite and business model as a whole. Priced at $1111 drops in August 2024.

The Offer Lab

and as a bonus..

Access to my entire resource library

My Instagram growth spreadsheet system to 10x your visibility 

My high-converting content calendar template (aka exactly how I create my content!)

All of my IG sales story prompts to sell out your next offer and never have to wonder what to say

My "framework guide" to teach you exactly how I create my entire ascension model of offers

Pitch outlines to show you exactly how to nail collaborations, podcast guesting, etc. 

My high-converting sales page template and sales page, "musts."

The exact sales flow that I use to close 90% of my sales conversations, guaranteed sleaze-free

A detailed breakdown of my entire launch sequence from start to finish that you can steal


Basically, I am giving you every single resource you could possibly need (and nothing you don't!) to help you grow your thriving business

That's not all

You also get access to...

Any and all additional pop-up programs I run as well as paid masterclasses that drop throughout the year. PLUS, don't forget about the monthly "peek inside my brain" trainings every.single.month.

i want in

“My business is forever changed. When you to get to work with Katy and be in her universe, you are forever changed. Katy just has this essence and way of expanding others. She pushes you past, “good enough.” It’s magical and incredible. I freaking love you Katy, thank you for everything.”

"Being able to hire her as my coach has been hands down my best investment"

Leandra had her first $200k year

This could be you....

"I tripled my income in the first three months working together. Katy's integrity is unmatched. She is an incredible human being and exactly the kind of woman you want to be close to if you are building a soul-led business with heart and strategy."

"Katy helped me give myself permission to be paid for the work I do and the spaces I hold"

Jacs tripled her income

"After one month of working with Katy and implementing her strategies I hit my first $10k goal! I trust her so much that I extended my commitment to be in her mastermind, and I'm so glad I did. Working with Katy has been not only what my business needed, but what I needed. Katy's ability to guide and speak to the specific thing I need to hear is a gift."

"After one month together I hit my first $10k month"

Pilar hit her goal in one month


I am so ready for this

Pay in Full

Valued at over $10,000 but currently priced at half that


Best deal

Daily telegram broadcast coaching

Access to my personal  resource library

Every single course + program for an entire year

Monthly bts trainings live with Katy

$5000 PIF

One -time payment


Payment Plan


Dail telegram broadcast coaching

Access to my personal resource library

Every single course + program for an entire year

Monthly bts trainings live with Katy

Payment Plan


12 x $555 

- melissa

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”